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1981 Cinnamon Fern Earrings

1981 Cinnamon Fern Earrings

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These are actual pieces of resin-coated Cinnamon Fern from 1981. We were still residing back East during this time, so these were most likely foraged in the woods of Long Island, NY.

Our flowers (and ferns) were sand and freeze-dried, never pressed, therefore the finished product has a lovely 3-d element. The resin used is UV-resistant and incredibly lightweight! Ear wires are gold plated brass, lead and nickel-free. Medium teardrop is approximately 1" long by 0.6" wide and hangs 1.25" from the piercing hole. Small teardrop is approximately 0.6" long by 1/2" wide, and hangs 1" from the piercing hole. Tiny teardrop is approximately 0.4" long by 0.25" wide and hangs 0.75" from the piercing hole.

Flowers and plants naturally vary in size and color. Your item will not be identical to what is pictured but will be similar.


Hooded Pitcher Plant from 1972, glass vial, cork, label, ink

Shipping & Returns

This item IS available for purchase online, as it does travel well. It will be shipped USPS First class mail and arrive in 3-5 business days.

We do offer returns/exchanges if you aren't in love with your item as much as we hope you will be, or if it arrives significantly damaged. You will need to return the item first to begin the process.


Approximately 1.25” in diameter and 4" tall including the cork base.

Care Instructions

Display in a location without direct sunlight or high moisture, e.g. a kitchen or bathroom. Always support the cork when picking up, it is not sealed to the glass.

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